Purpose of this Blog – Immort Animation

The purpose of this blog this year is to document all my developments and test versions of my work for the student film Immort. I will also be posting up the final versions and steps towards them. The film itself is going to be VFX heavy, my role in film is to animate and Character rig all the 3D models which are going to be created by Samantha Dos Santos.

In addition, I will be creating set extensions and Matte Paintings for the film which I have never done before but I am strongly looking forward to learning how to do it and making them as realistic as possible.

When doing test versions of animations of 3D models I will be using resources from a website called Blend swap which is a catalogue of 3D models that you can animate, texture, rig and light for the 3D software blender. Obviously I will not be using it for commercial purposes. Its main purpose is to be showing my development of rigging and animating the 3D models for this project and trying to make realistic movements with the 3D models.

With set extensions and doing test versions, my idea is to do my very own test shoots of set extensions and matte paintings. To do this I would need to look for a location, record a scene and try out matte painting and set extension. By doing this I feel that when it comes to the real footage for the film, I will fully understand how to record a set extension scene and make a realistic matte painting.


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