Tracking HUD’s

After I finished creating the HUD’s to the design that my director wanted, I then started on the task of tracking the HUD’s which to me is quite a difficult task and a challenging one at that as the actress and the actor move their heads around a lot. I had to try to keep up with their head movements and make sure the motions would be smooth and swift, not snapping up or down. To do this, I had to hand track each shot with a Null objects. I could have used After Effects Tracker, however it is not the best. Especially when the actor or actress turns their head as it will not follow the motion so hand tracking was the way forward.

Immort Animation 1 - 10 by Lyon Owen














To do this, I had to use her eyes as my reference points throughout the entire scene so I placed the Null at the ends of her eyes and hand tracked her position as she moved towards the camera as you can see with the red path.

Immort Animation 2








After I finished tracking her, I would place the HUD elements into the shot but instead of tracking all the HUD elements all over again,

Immort Animation 3








I would instead use expressions and tell each HUD elements to follow the certain parts that I tracked. In this instance, I told the Human HUD element’s position, X & Y rotations to follow the position, X & Y rotations of the Null.

Then adding a transform effect on top of the Human element to then position the HUD element where I would want it in shot.

In this video I show the process I took to get my HUD items tracked and placed where I wanted them. Also, what the final shot looked like after I had finished it.

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