End Credits Different Designs

When creating my end credits, I felt that just having the glitching effect alone was quite boring and did not show much creativity. So I decided to create something in the background to make it much more interesting and to make it more futuristic.



I decided at one point I could try and add an orb object that would pulsate and change colour over time to show it being hacked into. However, I felt this design was too distracting and took away from reading the end credits.


I then tried out the idea of a grid that would show it being hacked into over time. The design and the motion of it moving, I thought, was really nice. However, I questioned would the audience be able to see it and as I felt it sunk into the background a bit too much.


I then finally decided on this design as I felt it had the right balance of keeping you interested with the background but not so distracting from the end credits and that you could read them .



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