Research into glowing rings around the eyes

For Immort I was tasked to create and design glowing rings around the eyes. I started looking into different designs, types and generally how busy they looked and found quite a few interesting examples.

busy eyes
busy eye

With this design, I really like the attention to detail and how you have a spiral look around the pupil and looks like that would be an element that would be animated. However, I do feel this design is a bit cluttered and hectic with how it its scattered around everywhere and has small text boxes dotted around which looks a bit untidy.

simplistic eyes
simplistic eye

What I really like about this design is how simplistic it looks and how detailed it is around her pupil and iris, it looks very futuristic and very interesting. Another thing which I like about this is that the ring is around the  pupil and makes sense that it is based around the pupil as the pupil helps us to see. In addition, from an animation point of view it would be quite cool to see the red ring move around by rotating, growing bigger and smaller as that is what the pupil does which might be tricky to do but the effect would be amazing.

simpler eyes
simpler eye

Continuing on from the previous design I feel this is more of a simpler version and almost a hybrid of having a ring around the iris and around the pupil making it very in depth and intricate design. Also, it is not too busy as it has only dots in the Iris and dots round the pupil.

minimalistica eyes
minimalist eye

Finally, with this glowing ring eye it has a very minimalist look to it but its very defining and recognisable which I mean that you can not really miss it. Also, the green is just a single colour and it is very strong to see.


Overall, I really the simplistic eye and minimalist eye looks as they are very defining and are not too busy which I like as they are very minimum. I find that the look and design of them are very interesting as well and they capture your attention so when I do my test versions I will be keeping these designs in mind.

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