Research into title sequences

With also being tasked with the design and creation of the title sequence for Immort, I have decided to do some research into other title sequences to see what styles and designs I like and how I could tell a short story within that title sequence for the audiences benefit.

I was first lead to the amazing title sequence MANHATTAN where the narrative for the MANHATTAN title sequence is showing the opposition between home and science. In addition, it shows the science of different ideas i.e. the egg cracking meaning the nucleus of an atom and putting two nucleus together to make an atomic bomb, chain reactions its a really cleaver and smooth animation.

More details can be found, including an interview with the designers of the title sequence, here –

The next title sequence I was lead too was the Hollow Man title sequence, where the title sequence just shows almost what it looks like underneath a microscope but instead of using it to see microbes we see words arranging themselves into actors/actress names. Personally, I do not really like the idea of floating words that form to become the names of actors and actresses but what I do like is the underneath a microscope and seeing how things float around. In addition, the depth of field really plays quite a good effect, making stuff look further away.

Spurred on with the idea of floating around and the idea of depth of field, I looked around and found the title sequence The Widowmaker. They also played with the idea of a microscope and depth of field looking closely at objects but as well jumping inside someone, giving the perspective of what it is like from the inside of the human body which I really like. I find it very interesting to watch and could imagine where it shows veins of the human body that it has little nanobots walking around fixing and mending.   

The next title sequence that caught my eye was AMC’s The Walking Dead where they utilise with depth of field to make some names and objects hidden as well. However, I feel that The Walking Dead‘s title sequence is almost linked with MANHATTAN title sequence where it almost makes no sense but it gives you a feeling of the environment and how different things have changed over time.

After my research I believe I think I might know what kind of title sequence I want to make, it is almost a hybrid of all the title sequence I have shown but different elements for instance:

MANHATTAN – how the visuals and pictures they use tell you a mini story and how not so clear it is.

Hollow Man  – the microscope feeling and seeing objects on a molecular level.

The Widowmaker – the transitions to and from the human body and inanimate objects such as the scalpe and money.

The Walking dead – hidden objects and titles within them playing the z – space.

Personally, I can almost in vision the title sequence with a few adjustments and the research above has encouraged me.


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