Research into holograms

In our film we have truly embraced the world of the sci-fi genre and have started to look into the idea of holograms and where we would want to place them in the world and what would there uses be.

The first film that came to mind about holograms is Star Wars. Since my childhood I have loved Star Wars so I looked up some videos of scenes where they used holograms. While watching the scenes, they have almost kept the holograms towards the time period it was created in, which makes it quite unique.

The next film that came to me was the famous scene in Back To The Future II where there is a massive Jaws 19 movie advertisement film that has a hologram shark coming out and pretends to eat people. The thought behind the hologram idea and what it does and how it is designed is very unique.

Another film I could think of that has hologram technology was in the Marvel films Iron Man where Tony Stark creates things with holograms. It is very playful and really innovative and incredibly detailed with the objects that he is controlling.

I then started to look into sci-fi films that I have heard of but have not yet watched. A film that I found while searching was called The Giver. There is a scene in this film where two of the characters are watching a hologram of two people playing on the piano. What really got my attention was that it was a mixture of the detail of Iron Mans hologram and the flicking-ness of the Star Wars hologram which I really liked.

Finally the next film I found was Her where the main character is talking to AI while playing a hologram game and swipes to open up pictures from a device to see them hologram. I felt this was a great example and seeing how they have used holograms as a game for the main character and to get things from his phone and with a swipe of a hand upwards it is there in front of him.

I have really enjoyed looking into different types of holograms in films and seeing the different animations and styles to holograms where some had a flicker and a 1970’s feel while others are smooth clear and very crisp.

When watching Star Wars, Back to the Future II and Her I did notice that there was always a point of origin of the holograms i.e. light source for the holograms to come to life, so maybe something to think about and possibly think if we want a light source which may come from the drone that would be projecting the hologram to Sici.

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