Test end credits version 2

After failing my first attempt of the end credits and the old style of patients and schematics wasn’t working really well for the title sequence, I decided to develop┬áthe old style of patients and schematics for the end credits. I wanted to almost create the style of how the nanobots have developed and how they have came to being. Still taking inspiration from this idea


and replacing the numbers and letters as the names of cast, crew, extra’s etc.

This is what I was able to create.

Overall I was really pleased an thrilled with how it turned out. However, my director did not approve of the idea and felt it did not fit in really well with the film. He did not want me to pursue the idea of seeing the inside of the nanobot’s and what they look like from inside or outside.

discussion with the Director about the Schematic idea










With this in mind, I decided to go back to the drawing board to think and research into possible end credits that could be plain, simple and glitching.

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