Test end credits Version 1

After researching into futuristic schematic designs and patient idea’s, I decided to have a go and create a short section of what it could possibly look like.

From my research and development that I did, I really liked the idea from the ‘GO BAG’ end title sequence where they had a wire frame of all the objects that their main character was carrying in her bag. What they wanted to create was almost an x-ray into the bag and seeing the objects almost like the scanners and conveyor belts at a airport.

I also like the idea that Territory studios did which was a breakdown of the Iron Man suit. I personally wanted to combine the two ideas together seeing an x-ray of the nanobot then breaking it’s components to see its circuitry and microchips which are inside the nanobot.

To create the wire frames I used the trap code plug in form where you can import Obj. files into After effects. This means that if I could create the nanobot from a 3D software such as Maya, cinema 4D or Blender and saved it as an Obj. file I could import my 3D model into After effects and would be completely view-able 3D in After effects. However, as this was a test just to see if it was possible and to try and get the look I wanted to achieve, I asked our 3D modeler, Samantha Dos Santos, if she had anything robotronic or nanobot like. Sam provided me with this nanochip she modeled for someone else and gave me permission to use as a test and nothing else, which to me was perfectly fine.


I started immediately creating what I would like to see if this was going to the be end credits.

Personally I felt it was a good try and was definitely close to the idea of both GO BAG  x-ray style and the Iron Man breakdown of the equipment so we could see what was inside it. However, I felt it was very difficult to use and manoeuver around and would crash quite frequently, which I felt was not worth it. Trying to think about and create all the element and circuity of the nanobots would have been incredibly difficult and time consuming to do which lead me to pursue another idea for the end credits.

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