After Effects test plug in Form

So quite recently I obtained the After Effects Plug made by Trapcode called ‘Form’ which from what I saw from the product video looked really interesting and wanted to learn more about it.

I started to follow and watch some tutorials and learning the interface and what each menu does and where to find a certain menus or specialist effects could do i.e. audio effect etc.

(insert pic)

After watching a few tutorials and learning about Form, I decided to experiment and see what I could create and just basically see what I could remember from the tutorials. After making a few tests here are the results.

Overall I’m really happy and impressed how each one has turned out as I didn’t really set out with a ideal thing to create, I just created what I thought was artistically pleasing and testing things out to see what would the results be.

After creating these, I then started to think how could I integrate Form into Immort and make some elegant motion graphical objects which occurred that these motion graphical objects could be used as either futuristic ornaments or futuristic advertising to really sell how radically different the future is.

I’ve decided that I will research into futuristic ornaments and advertising to see what I can find and do some tests.



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